Benefits Of Keyword Rich Domain Names

If you explore the basics of keyword rich domain names, you will certainly understand the benefits derived from them. Obviously, a domain name that outlines the purpose of the underlying site will enhance your online presence as compared to other marketing efforts.

From the point of view of SEO, the benefits of domains are limited to keywords included in the domain name. With time, the importance of domain names in internet marketing is increasing and becoming more relevant. PPC campaigns for websites are considered incomplete without selection of the ideal domain names.

Each day, the competition in the internet marketplace is growing tremendously. So is the competition in marketing products and services. Any technique that lowers your cost per click is crucial. Hence, most websites focus on increasing the Click Through Rate by raising their website’s quality rating on Google.

Mainly, there are three parts of a PPC ad which make or break a website’s impact in the online world. These include:
• The Headline
• The Ad Text
• The URL to Click
Even though a lot has been said and written about the first two, there is not much emphasis on the third part. If you choose to ignore the domain name of your site, it can be a grave error on your part.
Here are a few things that you need to consider while selection a domain to use in order to derive maximum benefits from your marketing campaigns.
• Give priority to .com Extensions
in simple words, a .com extension is the best option for your domain name. it gives an impression of representing a well established and experienced site. If your company cannot get a .com extension, don’t worry. Many domains having other extensions are also doing well nowadays. Give the first priority to a .com extension but if not available in good keyword combinations, you can take a domain name with other extensions which is keyword rich.
• Grab Attention By Capitalizing
you can make your PPC ad campaign stronger by using capitalized keywords for the domain names. This will attract potential customer attention and get more clicks to your site. Moreover, you may experience higher Google Quality Score as well as lower cost per click through this technique.
• Keyword Rich Domain Names
ideally, your domain names should consist of good keywords that are easy to recall. However, such domains are getting scarce. In such circumstances, you can use small tricks to get good domains. For instance, adding www- in front of the keywords in your domain name can give you a variety of combinations for domain names.
Along with the benefits listed above, keyword rich domain names help in overall brand building for a company operating on the internet. When you see the results of your marketing campaigns, including good domains, you will be amazed. With so much competition and your business profitability depending on a few percentage points, it makes sense to take advantage of every aspect of your web presence.

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