Which Is the Best Domain Name?

A good domain name has the power to bring your online business to greater heights. Not only will this enhance your positioning in the search engine but also get more visitors to your website.

Don’t get stressed while looking for a domain name for your website. Actually, there are certain elements to be taken care of in order to ensure the selection of a perfect domain for your business. Once these have been done, any domain name will work effectively for you.

Go through the following pointers to make sure you know what kind of domain names are the best and avoid any costly mistakes.
1. Avoid Underscores
You must not include underscores in your domain name. According to the keywords selected for the URL, you can use dashes but not underscores. These have a negative impact on web traffic potential as well as search engine rankings.
2. Don’t Copy
Make sure that the domain name selected by you is unique. If you choose domains that are similar to someone else’s business domain names, it may lead to confusion and hence, diversion of customers to competitors.
3. Right Extensions
For any online business, .com remains the most common extension. Even though .net and .org suffixes are becoming popular, you must try to get a .com version before going to the other kinds of extensions. In the end, your domain name must be simple and easy to recall. Majority of the internet users are aware of .com and are likely to type your website name with this extension first.
4. Check Domain Age
Domain names with longer age will provide greater benefits for your business. The age of the domains add to your search engine value and improves your chances of getting more customers through higher placement.
5. User Friendly Domains
When you choose a simple, high quality and easy to recall domain, it will ensure more web traffic for your site, be it new visitors or repeat customers. This will lead to better search engine rankings as well as more relevancies in your website.
6. Shorter, The Better
A short and simple domain name is the best option for you. The main reason for this is the ease in remembering such a domain name for most visitors. When your domain name is short, websites linking to your site will not have to suffer from broken URLs and invalid web pages.
7. Prepare a List
A list should be made of domain names that you like the most. In fact, it is better to make a list of themes rather than domains. Finding the domain name you like may not be easy but the internet offers a variety of names to choose from. Think of themes that you like and start looking for the right domains.
8. Keep Track Of Alternatives
Instead of keeping track of a single domain name; keep yourself open to various alternatives. Often, generic terms are already taken and not available for new websites. So, you must be prepared to choose another domain if the original choice is not available. This will help in saving time and efforts as well as open you towards new ideas and options.

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