Domain Names Worth Buying

In simple terms, a domain name is defined as a word or several words types by internet users in the address bar of browsers to find a website. Actually, domain names are anchored to Domain Name Systems servers, which are utilized for transfer of digital addresses into words. While the domain name is used to reach a website by users, its real address is the digital IP address assigned by Internet Protocol system.

Given below is a list of common domain names. Mainly, these are categorized into different kinds according to the extensions (identifying codes of domain names).

this includes domain name extensions that are not anchored to any specific country. Also known as Top-Level Domains (TLDs), these are listed below:
.COM is an abbreviation for .commercial and is the most popular domain name extension. As compared to other names, it is preferred by both companies as well as customers. Both individuals and businesses can use this domain name.
.NET is an abbreviation for .network. In reality, this domain name extension has been developed for websites with technical products and services. However, any person can get a domain registered with this extension.
.ORG is an abbreviation for .organization. Basically targeted towards noncommercial organizations and other enterprises that do not use .com or .net domain extensions, such domain names can be registered by any company or individual.
this includes domain name extensions that are related to specific countries. For different countries, domain names can be assigned with their own domain extension. For instance, Canada uses .ca extension, United Kingdom uses .uk extension and Japan uses .jp extension. Most of these countries have concrete rules for determining who can register domain names with country specific extensions and for what purpose.
Usually, companies that are targeting domestic markets and customers within a particular country use such domain names. If you want to cater to an international audience, it is better to go for Category I domain name extensions.
in this category, alternative domain names are included. Recently, several new domain name extensions have been introduced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Also known as ICANN, this organization is responsible for the administration of domains of a highest level in global terms. Some of the latest domain name extensions created by ICANN are .aero, .biz, .coop, .info, .mobi, .museum, .name and .pro. Each of these has been developed for definite purposes and carries certain restrictions on use.
As you look for a suitable domain name for your website, you will come across several other forms of domains and extensions. There are sites which are using extensions such as .mp3, .free and .xxx.
You must know that such domain extensions are not approved by ICANN and hence, are not true extensions. Users who have the appropriate software can gain access to websites with such domains. For regular websites with primary business goals, this is not a good alternative.
Currently, there seems to be a scarcity of good domain names, especially with .com and .net extensions. Even though these are open to everybody, most of the generic, attractive domains have already been taken. With a little knowledge and care, you can make other domains work as effectively as top-level domains.

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