Essentials of Effective Domain Names

For an internet business, a good domain name is a basic element that cannot be ignored. Apart from helping people in remembering your website easily, it establishes your image as a serious business owner.

Still, a lot of people wonder:

“What’s in a name?”

A lot, apparently! When it comes to domain names, you cannot choose just any domain name for your website. It has to be carefully selected after considering various factors. Some of the major points of consideration for doing this include the following:

1. Try to buy your full business or company name as domain name. Not only the full name but even the shorter versions can be purchased as domains. It’s best to focus on domains with .com extension first. You don’t need to look for other extensions like .net or .org.
2. If there is no domain name available with .com, look for your business name domain with country extension. Charity organizations can buy .org versions. For telecommunications firms, .net is a suitable option. However, the best choice is .com versions only. Every internet user types this as the end of the domain name and if you have a .net or .org extension, they may reach a dead end or some other website.
3. Once you have decided the extension, make sure that your domain name is keyword rich. Even though you have bought the company name domain, you cannot ignore the domains which can attract people who don’t know your business by name. by purchasing keyword rich domains, you can also keep the competition from buying a similar domain name. To know which keywords are most popular, you can easily use a free keyword search tool available online.
4. Look for domain names that start from letters near the beginning of the alphabet. Instead of best or top, you can choose “A1” as the first word in your domain name. This is crucial to get your domain placed at the top of online directories which list websites alphabetically. More importantly, numbers are placed before letters in directory listings.
5. When you are buying domains, make sure that you purchase the plural or singular of the words in your domain name. Many people type incorrect spellings. To avoid losing your target audience, buy domains with names in both forms.
6. Don’t use any confusing spelling in the domain name of your website. In case your actual company name is not available, select a keyword-rich domain name.
7. Use of hyphenation must be done with care. Either you can hyphenate all the words or none of them in your domains. It’s best to buy both versions and beat the competition which may buy it otherwise.
8. Short and easy to recall domain names are the best option. It is not as difficult to find short domains as it seems. People will remember it easily and make lesser mistakes when typing it.

By far, the ideal domain name is that of your company name or keywords related to your business. Be it new or expired domains that are resold, it is important to choose one that will increase the impact of your online presence.

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