What You Must Know About Domain Names

If you are just starting out in the online world, you will have to buy domain names sooner or later. These days, most of the generic domain names have already been taken or expired. Instead of getting discouraged by this situation, you can look at some alternatives like lists of domain names for sale. This can be a great way of buying domains rather than a regular, new domain name.

On an average, a new domain name will cost you about $10 per year before registration. If you want to buy a domain name that is being re-sold by someone, the price can be higher than this. For buying a domain from a list for sale, you must know what domain names for sale mean.

There can be two situations where domain names are for sale.
1. The owner of a domain name tries to re-sell it. Such a domain is known as premium domain name.
2. The domain name was purchased by someone but got expired. When such a domain name is re-sold, it is known as an expired domain name.
These scenarios present a great opportunity for you to get good domain names on sale. Unfortunately, you may not be the only person who is trying to buy the domain on sale, particularly domains which are popular or one word .com domain names. To purchase such a domain, you just need to pay the minimum price initially. The domain name is sold in an auction to the highest bidder.

Where to find domain names
To begin with, look in the aftermarket section of major registrar websites. These include lists of domain names for sale. However, you must keep the following points in mind before buying a domain name for sale.
1. Even if you have won an expired domain name with your auction bid, the original owner wins it back automatically if they decide to take the domain name back.
2. Various registrar sites provide lists of premium domain names. This happens when the domain owner signs up with different registrars to sell it. An account can be opened by making an upfront payment and a yearly fee for renewal of the account.
3. Many times, you may realize that the domain name you want is already taken. Still, you can use the option to purchase it on backorder. One problem that is associated with backordered domains is that the registrar tries to get it back as soon as it expires or gets cancelled by the registrant.
Some of the other factors that need to be considered while purchasing expired domain names or placing backorders on desired domains include the following:
1. The first opportunity of getting the domain name is with domain owner. If they do not let it expire, you may not get the domain name you want.
2. With the rising competition among registrars and drop companies fighting for expired domain names, your registrar may not be able to get the expired domains you want.
3. If you cannot get a domain name through your registrar, you will have to ensure that you place the highest bid in a domain name auction.

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